Moon Meditations and Crystal Set

  • Moon Meditations and Crystal Set
  • Moon Meditations and Crystal Set

As You Move Through The Ebb And Flow Of The Moon Cycle, You Go On Your Very Own Monthly SHEro's Journey.

As you travel through each stage of the Journey, you can use these meditations and the mineral kingdom to ease the transitions, and enhance the energy available to you.

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I have had such a positive experience using these meditations and cannot Thankyou enough Rebecca for producing them. I have been using these moon meditations for the last couple of moon cycles and it really has an amazing power to bring clarity and quieten the noise so that you can understand what emotions and blocks you may be currently be facing. I cannot rave enough about these meditations, I listen to them everyday and highly recommend them to everyone. Emma Cox

After purchasing this set you will be sent a link to download the meditations as an MP3.

You can download the mediations to your computer, directly to Dropbox, or download an app and have  them conveniently stored on your phone for ease of access.

You will also be sent a PDF guide with the properties of the crystals and how to use them during the moon cycle.


I have loved the Moon meditations you made! Every time I listen to one, I feel calm, centered and deeply relaxed. I find that the affirmation helps me focus, and the crystal essence information is amazing as well. Your voice is so soothing, and the background sounds compliment the energy! I added the meditations to my phone so that I will always have them, even when I am out and about. Jennifer Bisson