More than just oracle cards

After I ran the Your 28 Day SHEro's Journey program, I thought it would be great to create some oracle cards that could support the amazing woman that joined me on the program, after we completed our time together.

During the program people were given energy clearings to remove patterns that no longer served  them, or that weren't theirs and had 'picked up'.

The patterns that hold people back in life were thoughts such as:

  • Not feeling good enough
  • Fear or being abandoned
  • Not being able to communicate what they wanted

To be able to create exactly what I wanted I knew I needed to find myself an intuitive artist, who was familiar with energy healing.

I found the perfect lady in Italy - Simona Arian Cordara.

Together we created the perfect cards.

I told Simona exactly what I wanted the card to represent, and she used her intuitive skills and artistic talents to create the most beautiful healing mandalas.

I paired the cards with healing statements, so that when they are used in combination with the mandalas the pattern is re-balanced and healed within the person using the cards.

The result has not only been beautiful cards that offer amazing insight, but powerful cards activated with a healing system to support you move past limiting beliefs and other obstacles that may be trying to hold you back.

You can see the result of the cards here>>

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