How it all began...

I've always been an adventurer and a seeker.

I can't even begin to tell you how many 'scrapes' I've got myself into over the years during my adventures; dangling off cliffs, trekking through snow as deep as my thighs, scrambling up sea cliffs, diving through sunken wrecks, coming a bit too face to face with baboons and wilderbeest...

However no matter what I got myself into, I've never doubted my ability to also get myself out of situations.

I'm not saying that I've never cursed under my breath or sworn to hang up my climbing boots, but during that moment, I've always kept a clear head and got myself out of trouble.

You see I love solving problems, I can see how everything fits together.

I'm great in an emergency and I can move myself, and others, through a crisis and find meaning.

Back in 2000 when I started to officially train in energy medicine, I took these skills and transferred them to working with my clients.

I have a skill to help people see who they really are and support them to be all they can be.

Part of this skill is to also give them the perfect tools so that they can support themselves after our work 1-2-1 together.

One of my favourite tools over the years has been to use Tarot and Oracle cards, so that I could access my own inner wisdom through my intuition.

Little did I know that when I bought my first set of Tarot cards at the age of 18, that 20 years later I would have created three sets of my own oracle cards!

My clients always comment how easy I make things for them, this comes from decades of working with energy medicine and exploring tools that work and how best to use them.

This has culminated in me creating powerful tools for my clients, that support them to embody their sacred rhythms and reconnect to the magic of life. 

I invite you to have a look through these tools and allow your intuition to guide you.

Which ones call to you, which do you feel naturally drawn to?

The chances are there's a deep remembering stirring within you.

I'd love to know what calls to you!

Explore the enchanted tools here>>


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